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In response to people’s complaints about Samus’ new rocket heels, Sakurai has completely reworked her look.

[Blumenkranz intensifies]
I’m guessing that you just saw that on the other blog a few hours ago.
It was posted later after the holiday because I didn’t realize that I didn’t queue it.  Shit.

Apparently, Felix and his group didn’t think that having a small cave inside the bottom of the ship (along with an unlocking device which utilized a combination of a permanent leak from the upper floor, a giant marble column, and a rusty switch) required much explanation.

Until Isaac’s group joined and replied with a “What the crap?”

Piers then explained that he had acquired it from a rigged raffle contest involving crabs.  His excuse was that he was just too unmotivated to remodel it before meeting any of them.

That was a lie.

After all, if you love someone so much, you shouldn’t change them so drastically to suit your needs.

…And here I come back to find that that DDIsaac-kind-of-giving-DDGaret-a-blowjob-thing has over 1k notes.

I don’t know what to feel anymore.

Hello, newcomers to Golden Sun or whathaveyou.
Feel free to avoid me because I’m boring and unlikable.
EDIT:  Half-assed coloring added.

Anonymous asked you:  Happy Easter~
Oh, thanks.  That… kind of blurred past me because I’ve been essentially working nonstop for the past few days.

…I’ve suddenly realized that I had just locked my keys in my car.


/using a friend’s computer at his place (initially to hang out).  He knows I draw (and write… badly) gay shit.

EDIT:  And now the NSFW blog has more followers than this one.  …I’m going to brood…

The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen: Chapter 1, “Back Alley Meeting”



The Diary of Ellen is a book by Fummy based on his RPG Maker horror game The Witch’s House. It tells the story of Ellen prior to the game.

This is the Prologue and Chapter 1, “Back Alley Meeting.” There are five chapters in total.

I encourage you to buy the book for yourself. (Amazon) Supporting Fummy is always good, and there are some really nice illustrations by Oguchi, who did the cover.

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I’ll admit that Kyrillos (Greek name Κύριλλος (Kyrillos) meaning “Lordly, Masterful” which in turn derives from Greek κυριος (Kyrios) “Lord”) is growing on me.  Also, Rief-chan.
Good god, Karis has a fucking awful color scheme.

sabredance asked: What do you think sparked your interest in bara



I suddenly realize the potential for a pun thanks to Raichu’s existence in the picture.